Resolution 769

Adopted by the Security Council at its 3104th meeting on 7 August 1992

The Security Council

Reaffirming its resolution 743 (1992) and all subsequent resolutions relating to the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR).

Having examined the report of the Secretary-General of 27 July 1992 (Sf24353 and Add.1) in which the Secretary—General recommended certain enlargements in the mandate and strength of UNPROFOR.

Taking note of the letter dated 7 August 1992 from the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Croatia to the President of the Security Council (Sf24390, annex).

  1. Approves the Secretary-General’s report;
  2. Authorizes the enlargements of UNPROFOR’s mandate and strength recommended by the Secretary—General in that report;
  3. Reiterates its demand that all parties and others concerned cooperate with UNPROFOR in implementing the mandate entrusted to it by the Security Council;
  4. Condemns resolutely the abuses committed against the civilian population, particularly on ethnic grounds, as referred to in paragraphs 14-16 of the above-mentioned report of the Secretary-General.